Subscriptions and Services

Whether you are a city, state, or municipal government, bag manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, the BBCR subscription provides you with reliable reports covering everything you need to know on the 260+ bag ban laws nationwide and the 50+ proposed and pending ordinances.
  • Accepted bag types (reusable, paper, compostable, etc.)
  • Bag size/gauge requirements (minimum capacity, legal gauges)
  • Recycling requirements (legal marking, drop off locations, etc.)
  • Minimum sell prices or taxes (varies with cities and states)
  • Legal marking (declarations required for size, gauge, toxicity, including CA Prop. 92. and CA Supply Chain Act SB 657 compliance)
  • Testing/certification (state, city, municipal performance requirements, PCR content, ISO testing labs, etc.)
  • Facts, only the facts please (that is what you get)
Here are the options:

Quarterly summaries only Full service subscription: International Bag Ban Policies
and Recommendations
  • Quarterly summaries*
  • Email support
  • Full quarterly report (includes summaries)*
  • Email support
  • Custom reports for government
  • Legal notices for bags and cartons
  • Consolidation & unification reports for retailers

A broad overview of international bag ban policies and their effectiveness. Includes:
  • Reasons why they have support
  • Increase/decrease in bag usage
  • Impact on the environment
  • Public acceptance, and;
  • Recommendations
$250.00 for each summary or
$900 one annual payment
(4 summaries)
$500 quarterly or
$1800 one annual payment
(4 full reports)
$1,200 each
(free with one year full subscription)
  *Q1 2018 report includes a supplemental report on MA and New York to help understand their 80+ bag ban variations

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